you who created your token on the waves platform, list with us to leverage sales. we have full support for asset waves and instant deposits.

Hello, we are currently giving priority to tokens waves, at you will have two options for listing by voting calling your community to vote, or for payment, we are very good price for tokens waves. Contact us and we will negotiate.

currently we have 9 markets: BTC, LTC, WAVES, DOGECOIN, CDEX, XVG, TRON, DGB or LUXQ

Add Token Pay or Voting :


Telegram: @luxtradeexchange



Promotion for listing new Tokens or Assets Script Waves.

Now with the growth of our exchange, you will be able to add your token as a main market, contact us to know the values.

Make us a visit:

Luxtrade Exchange

Waves, Tokens or Altcoins

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